To whom in 30, in 40, in 50, 60, 70 ..
How to get rid of pain in the knees, back? How to rejuvenate your skin? How to remove a headache? How to return the flexibility of the body, remember your youth? How to stop being sick often?

Nothing is impossible. There is nothing easier.

Do not believe in the magic of ointments and creams! Plastic surgery - self-deception! Do not believe fortunetellers! Do not rely on some kind of diet! Do not trust doctors - they do not know what a living organism is, they have no idea how to create or revitalize a human cell! The doctor can show the structure of a fly or a mosquito, but he does not understand why they move, crawl or fly.
Everything is much simpler.
Be observant.
Intense sport ages man. Muscles are not a sign of health! Just a man has become stronger and more beautiful, but - closer to old age! Compare the children's organism with yours and draw conclusions. The arms, legs, and other organs are given to a person to help the body. Please do not mock your body, but help him!

When you need to think:
- if it is difficult to walk down the street
- if you hold your hands behind your back
- if vision deteriorates
- can not sit down
- difficult to get up
- wrinkles on the face
- do not get enough sleep for 5 hours
- dizzy or headache
- do not obey hands and feet
- White hair
- it is difficult to bend and straighten
- heart or something else hurts, for example, in the side
If your parents are old, you need to help them.
Or did you understand that you are aging - what prevents you from rejuvenating your body and becoming younger?

The essence of the method consists in simple exercises performed according to special rules.
I am almost 60 years old. I live in Ukraine. I want to help everyone. In time, I will create a website specifically for this.